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Title: Pressure
Creator: Sterling Eidolan and The Odd Woman Out
Date: ~ 1990
Format: VCR Vidding
Genre: vid, metavid
Fandom: meta
URL: not available online

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Pressure is an early and rare metavid by Sterling Eidolan and The Odd Woman Out, who were part of the larger California Crew. The vid, which is composed of original footage, depicts the vidders getting together to make a Quantum Leap VCR vid over the course of a single weekend (a highly stressful event, hence the vid's title.)

Pressure is thus a rare artifact in that it documents the complexities of making of a VCR vid. The vidders time the song with a stopwatch, mark out the beats, watch, select, and measure all their clips in advance. The vidders work most of the vid out on yellow legal pads with calculators before actually assembling the clips on tape, laying them down in order. The audio track was imported last.

The vid also documents other aspects of fannish subculture circa 1990: in the frame we see numerous cases of VHS cassettes and piles of fan fiction zines.

Because the vid features footage of the vidders themselves, Sterling Eidolan and The Odd Woman Out have asked that the vid not be distributed online.


For more analysis of Pressure, see Francesca Coppa, "Women, Star Trek, and the early development of fannish vidding." Transformative Works and Cultures, Issue 1, 2008.

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