Yesterday: Memories of Today

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Title: Yesterday: Memories of Today
Publisher: KnightWriter Press
Author(s): Linda Knights
Cover Artist(s):
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Yesterday: Memories of Today is a gen zine by Linda Knights. It was originally published in Gambit #2.

Summary: "3rd season alternative universe. Avon hears a report of Blake and finds a broken man with no memory of himself. Is it possible to restory Blake to the man he once was?" [1]


This zine is part of a series of mini-zines, each with a story that has been published previously in another zine. Each mini-zine has a full-color photo cover.


"You're mad! Stark-raving mad!"

Avon seated himself on the rocky out-cropping and listened to the echoes of Tarrant's statement drift off on the gentle breeze. He'd fled - uncharacteristic by itself - leaving the others to whatever peace could conceivably be found within Xenon base. He'd ran, not sure where he'd end up, not even sure why he'd gone, knowing only that he couldn't face the damning accusation directly. For it was now beyond his ability to again deny the madness of which he'd been accused. He'd never developed mankind's apparently well-cultivated ability to ignore reality.

He wasn't even sure - now that he stopped to analyze contemplate it - how long he'd been consciously aware of his madness. Long enough certainly that the thought no longer affronted him. Long enough that none of the crew - none of his crew - had even raised a voice in his defense.