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Name/s: teawith, valderys
Fandom/s: Torchwood 2008-present,

Stargate Atlantis 2005-present, Lotrips 2005-present, Lord of the Rings 2003-2006, Babylon 5 1993-2000,

Blake's 7 1982-?
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I started in fandom way back in the day, around 1982-3, when I joined the Liberator Popular Front, a fanclub for Blake's 7. I was 13. I wrote fic then too, although its all lost in the mists of time - thank god! I seem to remember my first piece of published work was a poem printed in an LPF newsletter when I was about 17, although I will check that when I go through my zines.

I never really leave a fandom behind so I still count myself a B7 fan, but I've added others since then. There was a large chunk of time in which I was largely inactive but in the '90s I got massively into Babylon 5, along with half the fannish world. I never wrote a word for it though, it was too good, I think. I spent a lot of money at cons though.

In 2003 I fell in love with Lord of the Rings, after having watched The Return of the King and realising that I was never going to see any more *gasp*. Luckily the internet had come along by leaps and bounds and I realised I could immerse myself in fandom in a way that had previously only been imagined :) I created my first lj in 2004, and have been writing obsessively ever since.

Hobbits held my attention for several years, before that interest bled over into writing Lotrips, before waning. Stargate Atlantis was after that, although my interest in that too is receding. Most recently, I've been writing Torchwood. That's not to say, however, that other fandoms haven't had the odd look-in, over the years, but these are the fandoms I've been truly obsessive over :)