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Name/s: Emma M
Fandom/s: Harry Potter, Yuri on Ice, The Hobbit, Boku no Hero Academia, Teen Wolf, Check Please! I'm also a fan of crossovers with other fandoms like Sherlock Holmes, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Supernatural but wouldn't consider myself a huge fan of them on their own.
You can find me at:
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I'm part of the Policy & Admin team here on Fanlore. Reach out to me or another admin (or Gardeners) if you need any help or have questions!

I’m mostly a fandom lurker and huge fanfic reader so I’m great with fanfic tropes and rare pairs but not so much the current events in fandom. Also notorious for continually working on a page on my own for ages before ever posting a word to Fanlore, hence most of my edits just being fanfic and fan art examples until I dump it all at once.

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