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Name: Uncanny X-Men.net
Owner/Maintainer: Dean Clayton
Dates: August 14, 2000 - present
Type: Fansite, Canon Resource, Forum
Fandom: X-Men
URL: uncannyxmen.net
Unstable Molecules (UXN's Forum)
2014 new design for the website.
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Uncanny X-Men.net is considered the ultimate fansite and canon resource dedicated solely to the X-Men of the Marvel Universe.


Uncanny X-Men.net was started by Dean Clayton in 2000 after finding a lack in actual fansites and good resources for the X-Men.

The X-Villains fansite “Point of View – the other side of the X” (owned by Peter Luzifer) was merged with UXN in 2001. The fansite continued to grow and change, adding more and more staff to help out with the content and designs.

The only Marvel team that ended up having their own split website from UXN was the Runaways, which was started in June 2007. By 2014, the Runaways website had merged back with UXN. The Avengers team got their own website in 2019, Mighty Avengers.net.

The Fanfiction section of the site which was started in 2000, moved to it's own place The House of Ideas.Net. In 2012, the site was moved to Uncanon.com.


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