The Disciplinarian

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Name: The Disciplinarian
Also Known As: Kristen Davidson
Occupation: Professional wrestler
Medium: Professional Wrestling, film
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The Disciplinarian is an American professional wrestling gimmick in WOW Women of Wrestling.


The introduction and casting of the Disciplinarian is related to Race and Fandom. When WOW Women of Wrestling debuted on syndicated television in October 2000, The Disciplinarian, a heel teacher, was played by Caucasian actress Kristen Davidson. While still a Heel, the current version is portrayed by African-American wrestler Ivory Robyn.

Fan Works

  • The original was a character in The JWL as a member of The Revolution, who were WWE Divas Ivory and Molly Holly leading 11 WOW alumnae. However, unlike how she was portrayed in canon, she was a Face in The JWL.

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