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Hi, folks, I put the notice on the talk page because I'm still working on this page really hard! My further edits will involve both big additions and small tweaks to the whole page, and although I really appreciate the help I really don't want to run headlong into that "Conflicting edits" deal after spending a long time revising the page, especially when some things (like leaving the ref list in one column >_>) are things I just plan on fixing at the very end because it's easier to leave them for last. I'll remove the notice and cross out this talk page comment when I've finished all my edits. - Hoopla (talk) 22:26, 10 February 2019 (UTC)

Hi Kingstoken: I'm still working on this page! I promise I'll change the reference list to two columns when I'm done, but I need it to be one column for now, so please don't edit it again. Thank you for understanding. - Hoopla (talk) 18:12, 11 February 2019 (UTC)
At last I am free. It probably needs all kinds of clean up but that's all I can do for now. Thanks everyone for your patience! - Hoopla (talk) 05:37, 12 February 2019 (UTC)