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Overview of Season 1

North American airdates

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Rising aired on 16 July 2004.[1] The Seige: Part 2 aired on 31 January 2005.[1] Season 2 began in mid-July of 2005: the months between seasons allowed lots of fan creativity.

Major plot arcs and themes



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New characters

Leaving characters

Initial fan reaction during NA-airdates

Broader view of Season X's place in canon

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Fan Trends Concurrent with NA-airdates

Conventions and other fan meet-ups

Fanart trends

Other media trends


Fanfic trends

Fiction exchanges, challenges, and awards


Fanfic writing trends that emerged during the NA-airdates

"Stories included here were written during the timeframe of the NA-airdates. These stories represent the FIRST TIME a theme, style, or pairing was seen in this fandom, or depict a CHANGE in fan perceptions of canon, characters, or themes from the previous Season to Season X."

gen trends

  • themes

het trends

  • canon ships
  • new ships: Season 1 saw the beginning of the Sheppard/Weir 'ship, as well as the Sheppard/Teyla 'ship.
  • jossed or abandonned ships

slash trends

  • canon ships

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  • new ships: The Storm provoked a lot of McKay/Kolya....
  • jossed or abandonned ships

Episode Reaction fic

"Stories included here are based on excellence and their relevance to Season X, and not on a relation to the NA-airdates."

1: Rising

2: Hide and Seek

3: Thirty Eight Minutes

4: Suspicion

5: Childhood's End

6: Poisoning the Well

7: Underground

8: Home

9: The Storm

10: The Eye

11: The Defiant One

12: Hot Zone

13: Sanctuary

14: Before I Sleep

15: The Brotherhood

16: Letters from Pegasus

17: The Gift

18: The Siege: Part 1

19: The Siege: Part 2

Stories set in unspecified Season 1


[Episode guides/transcripts]


Glossary of new fandom-related words

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