Seth Lancaster

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Name: Seth Lancaster
Occupation: Fairy Tail Mage
Title/Rank: S class Mage
Location: Magnolia Town,Fiore
Status: Active
Relationships: MiraxSeth, LucyxSeth, LisannaxSeth
Fandom: Fairy Tail
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Seth Lancaster is a popular mage in the fairy tail fanfiction, fairy tail's new member that is currently being written by Dimentiofan124 or zach at


D.O.B.: X766
Hair colour: red/blonde mix
Eye colour: grey
Skin colour: pale caucasian
Favorite music genre: punk and rock


First appeared in chapter 1 of the Fairy Tail's new member story on in which he wakes up in the Fairy Tail infirmary which is told to him by Lisanna that then informs him that Natsu and i found you beat up so we took you to the guild to see if someone could help after introductions of some characters he is revealed to be an earth mage who knows earth dragon slayer style and has mastery over the dragon force style as well.

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