Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview with Helen Stagie Karidi

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Title: Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview with Helen Stagie Karidi
Interviewer: Sentinel Slash Virtual Season
Interviewee: Helen Stagie Karidi
Date(s): 2000?
Medium: online
Fandom(s): The Sentinel
External Links: beta reader interview; exec interview
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Helen Stagie Karidi was interviewed for Sentinel Slash Virtual Season for her role as a beta reader, and again as a member of the virtual season executive committee.

Part of a Series

See Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview Series.


I'm good at picking out details. Even in fictions posted years ago or by famous authors, that makes me be even more careful with my betas. Also I can tell if a story makes sense or not :)
[My other fandoms are] TPM, Highlander, Metallica.
I was a member of the first try for a Slash Virtual Season and that didn't work (I still don't know why though), but since then I often found myself wondering if someone could pull it off. Guess I was thinking too loud.
[The hardest part of preparing for the season] Finding a plausible story line, splitting the responsibilities between us. Dealing with unxepected probs and authors becoming unavailable. And the graphics, gosh that was a nightmare.