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Links to Some 2005 Con Reports

Huge Big Report-Type Thing by pinkdormouse at Livejournal:

Panels on B5, B7, and Leadership Styles. Then it's the 'Man of Iron' script reading. This time we have bound copies of the script, complete with astounding cover art. I play Vila. as I did at Redemption '03, and only corpse once. Still convinced that Certain Actors should not try to write (scripts).


I am a forceful audience member at the 'Why Isn't There More f/f?' Panel, and seem to have agreed to write fics based on specific kinks.
I miss the Fancy Dress and Cabaret, due to excessive tarting up of self in our room. But I looked fabulous. Go to bar, chat to people, bounce in disco to four songs or so, then back to the bar for more chat. Actually buy a round. Himself and Jason are being lightweights and only want squash, so they are much cheaper dates than myself and Servalan.


Redemption was fun, and I want another one now. Hello yet again to all the lovely people I met.

Redemption LJ comm, Mar 2005 with several more con reports/reviews

Other Full Con Reports