One Night, Forever (Beauty and the Beast zine by Deborah A. Martin)

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You may be looking for the Beauty and the Beast zine, One Night, Forever, by Joy Faulkner.

Title: One Night Forever
Publisher: Martin Enterprises
Author(s): Deborah A. Martin
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): January 1990
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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One Night Forever is a 10-page het Beauty and the Beast (TV) story by Deborah A. Martin.

While short, the author refers to it as a zine, and it was marketed as such.


It is a story about what happened in the cave and was incorporated into her later zine, In Another Life #1.

From a flyer:

The love scene you wanted to see on "Though Lover's Be Lost ...", the way you wanted to see it. Their love knew only a single night together. This zine lets you share that night in all of its depth. It is only a few pages long and rated PG. It contains no explicit sexual material, but is guaranteed beautifully romantic and emotionally satisfying.

Reactions and Reviews

The supposed "love scene" in "Though Lovers Be Lost..." was so disappointing - I really felt cheated. I think your story more than "filled in the blank", and quite beautifully, too. It was wonderfully romantic and sensuous, without, thankfully, being graphic. (After all, we all know what goes where; and unless Vincent is remarkably ... uh, unusual, we don't need the explicit details. Besides, an imagination 1s a terrible thing to waste!) I also thought that the telling of what happened without conversation was very apropos. And I loved that Vincent knew his attentions were welcomed and desired. Perfect! [1]

I'm so glad you wrote "One Night, Forever"! What a wonderful scene your version could have been if it had been filmed, sigh. After all the fan's patience I still can't believe they gave us flowers blooming and lava flowing! At least now I can imagine ("One Night, Forever") in its proper place. I loved the image of a confused Vincent trying to interpret Catherine's invitations and deciding to go for it I Their love scene was very sweet and still so romantic. Part of the problem in "Though Lovers Be Lost" for me was all the loose ends about that scene in the cavern. "One Night, Forever" put all those ends into place; Vincent's lack of recollection, their clothes all 1n place, Father's vigil in the outer cavern. [2]

Sometimes I feel like two separate people. One of me could recognize the quality of the third season but there's the other me who was outraged at their treatment of Vincent and Catherine. Not so much Catherine's death, but the fact that they gave Catherine and Vincent so little time to finally enjoy being together. Not to mention they cheated us (out) of the emotional satisfaction of the big love scene. And then there's the fact that Vincent was unconscious at the time of this supposed consummation! I suppose we were meant to assume that he regained consciousness long enough to perform the act, but we were certainly given no indications of this. He was still unconscious when Father entered the cavern! (At least she got his clothes back on him!) One reason I have ordered your "One Night, Forever..." (zine) is to try to gain some sense of fulfillment from the third season storyline. (Ed.** note: I wrote it for the same reason.) [3]

I agree that "Though Lovers Be Lost ..." was a dark and mostly passionless two hours except for the death scene. Your zine "One Night, Forever..." was more what I had imagined for the love scene. I don't believe Vincent would have forgotten if he had made love to Catherine. After the movie, I loved every episode. And I think Vincent emerged much stronger. I don't believe there existed the "revenge" theme. Vincent onlu wanted his and Catherine's child back. What a great idea, having a discussion about the episodes, I did not understand "To Reign in Hell" nor did I record it on my tapes that I watch. [4]


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