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Pairing: Merlin/Gwen
Alternative name(s): Gwen/Merlin
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Merlin
Canonical?: Not currently (appeared to be one-sided in S1)
Prevalence: Low
Other: Merlingwen
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Merlin/Gwen is a somewhat rare het pairing in Merlin fandom. Although there are few fanworks specifically dedicated to Merlin/Gwen, it often appears in multiship fanvids and as a secondary pairing in fanfiction whose main focus is a more popular ship such as Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/Gwen, or Gwen/Morgana. Similarly, few fans consider Merlin/Gwen to be their OTP, but it is popular with multishippers and often remarked to be the most "adorable" of pairings among the OT4 (Merlin/Arthur/Gwen/Morgana).

Canon Basis

Merlin and Gwen share a close bond because they are both servants and Gwen helps Merlin find his way when he first arrives at Camelot. In early episodes of series 1, Gwen cheerfully but awkwardly expresses her affection for Merlin, who appears friendly but fairly oblivious. In episode 1x04, after Merlin is revived from near death, Gwen kisses him on the mouth and then apologizes. Gwen and Merlin interacted less in series two but remain good friends.

In Fanfic

Reflecting the canon where Merlin and Gwen had an early flirtation that seemed to fade away, fanfics for Arthur/Merlin and other pairings sometimes mention a past history in which Gwen and Merlin hooked up early on but later decided to be just friends. Sex between Gwen and Merlin is often written as heartfelt, cheerful, and/or awkward.

Example Fanworks


  • merlingwen is the main LiveJournal community for the pairing and accepts all types of fanworks.
  • Camelot_fleet is a multishipping community where some Merlin/Gwen fans hang out, especially on weekends.