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Pairing: Mary Winchester/Lucifer
Alternative name(s): Macifer
Gender category: Het, M/f
Fandom: Supernatural
Canonical?: Non-canon
Prevalence: Rare
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Mary Winchester/Lucifer (nicknamed 'Macifer') is the pairing of Mary Winchester and the devil Lucifer in the Supernatural fandom. It is relatively new, as it surfaced in early season 13.



At the start of season 13, we find Mary Winchester stuck in an alternate universe with Lucifer. She pushed him through a void to save her sons, and now they're trapped together. Lucifer starts to question whether he should kill Mary or use her as bait to get her sons to come find her. He's unsure if he'll kill her in front of them or them in front of her, but either way he said he'd kill them all.

The first real problem arose when a group of angels came with the intention of killing both Mary and Luci. Lucifer of course was fine with a click of his fingers whereas Mary had to run and found herself in some deep trouble. Just as it seemed that she was a goner a hand went straight through the alternate universe angels' chests and ripped out their hearts.


Ripping the hearts out of the angels, for Mary, instead of just leaving (which would have been quite easy) is extremely symbolic. There are many easier, less dramatic ways Luci could of killed those angels. BUT NO. He rams his first through their chest.


Why ship Macifer?

Luci (Lucifer) obviously has some daddy issues but things didn't exactly go well when Sam and Dean tried 'family concealing' them. That's why Luci needs someone who is supportive, encouraging and knows how to deal with men who think they're really tough. This is where Mary Winchester is the perfect fit. This is due to her years upon years of hunting (she knows how to put someone in their place and she's brave enough to talk down to the devil himself) but also has children so can be very nurturing and supportive. Also, dare we forget the heroic act of when Mary made a deal with a DEMON just to save her loving partner John. This proves how Mary would do anything for the people she loves and that'd give Luci the support and commitment that he truely needs and deserves to become who he really is.

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