List of Star Trek TOS Zines Published While the Show First Aired

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This is a list of Star Trek TOS zines published while the show originally aired in the US. For a similar list, see List of Star Trek Zines published 1967-1970 (the Pentathlon list) as well as a December 1970 list compiled by Jacqueline Lichtenberg called A Strekzine Roster.

This article has a focus of zines that are either 100% Trek, or have a Star Trek focus.


Some general science fiction zines mentioned and discussed Star Trek: TOS.

Two examples:

Beginning in 1967

  • Vulcanalia (first club zine newsletter, considered to be the VERY FIRST Trek zine) -- January 1967-1969
  • Pantopon #16 consists entirely of a single Star Trek story, one that was reprinted in the first issue of Spockanalia six months later -- February 1967
  • Bags End Gazette (non-fiction, also contains Tolkien material) -- April 1967-1973
  • Chatter Boxes (newsletter) -- May/June 1967, after August 1970 it becomes LNAF Bulletin
  • The Crewman's Log (newsletter) -- September 1967-1969, became Nimoytacular after issue #18
  • Spockanalia (THE FIRST ALL-TREK fiction and non-fiction zine) -- September 1967-June 1970
  • ecco (multimedia, much Star Trek) -- the third issue was published in December 1967
  • Plak Tow (newsletter with art and non-fiction) -- December 1967
  • LNNAF Journal, club newsletter) -- published in Winter 1967

Beginning in 1968

Beginning in 1969