JKL and Friends Collection

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Title: JKL and Friends Collection
Creator: JKL and multiple others (see list below)
Date: made between 1997 and 2005.
Format: VHS, DVD
Fandom: multiple (see list)

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JKL and Friends Collection is a songtape collection that was first released on VHS and then later folded into a 2 DVD set. The vids were made between 1997 and 2005, some of VCRs, some on computers. A few of the VCR vids were later remastered.

In 2002, the VHS tape version contained the following vids:

  1. She's Moved On --BTVS Jill, Kay, Lynn C. (JKL)
  2. It Must Be Obvious --SG1 (/) Lynn & Kay
  3. Let Me In --Roswell (/) Jill, Lynn, Sandy Herrold
  4. In Your Eyes --SG1 (/) Lynn
  5. Motorcycle Drive By --BTVS Lynn
  6. Out Of My Hands --SG1 Lynn
  7. Lowlands --SW (/) Lynn
  8. Call and Answer --M7 (/) Lynn
  9. Friction --SG1 Kathy, Kay, and Jill
  10. Kryptonite --IM (/) Margie & Seah
  11. Dangerous --XF (/) Kay
  12. From Where I Stand --DS (/) Justine Bennett
  13. My Generation --BTVS Jill, Lynn, and Kay
  14. Sexuality --SV (/) Clucking Belles (Sandy & Rache)
  15. Spooky --XF Jill & Kay
  16. By Way of Sorrow --SG1 Sandy Herrold
  17. Full of Grace --DS (/) Morgan Dawn and Justine Bennett
  18. Busted --SV (/) Merryish and Katharine Scarritt
  19. When I'm Up --OAT (/) Jill, Kay, Lynn