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Name: Farfalla
Alias(es): Farfalla Caqui, Farfalla the Butterfly Kitten
Type: fan writer, fan artist, archivist, moderator
Fandoms: Star Trek:The Original Series, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Boston Legal, others
URL: Cosmic Duckling (author's site),at Trekiverse, at the KS Archive, at Archive of our Own, All Ages Kirk/Spock Archive
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Farfalla was a writer and artist in several fandoms but mainly focused on Star Trek writing K/S stories. Other fandoms included Star Wars, Boston Legal and Harry Potter.

Active online from 2002, Farfalla was a significant contributor to the Side By Side e-zine as well as the Slash Advent Calendars, both hosted on the Kardasi website. Her involvement with these publications increased over time until in 2006 she became co-moderator of Side By Side as well as running the KS Advent Calendar for that year.

In 2003, Farfalla created the All Ages Kirk/Spock Archive, an online repository of art, poetry and fiction deliberately excluding all explicit content. From the site entry page: "The philosophy behind AAK/SA is simple -- there's nothing pornographic about being gay, and nothing obscene about love between men. There are no links to sites with explicit content here; no pictures of naked men; no sex scenes. Rather, it is a celebration of the love between Kirk and Spock that is accessible for a wider audience."

Farfalla's personal website, Cosmic Duckling, is still online although it does not appear to have been updated since 2017. A slight link error on the main page limits access to artwork and some stories, but these can be accessed via Farfalla's Kirk/Spock Happyplace!


Notable Written Works


Farfalla created artwork in a variety of styles and a small sample is shown below. More can be found on her personal website.