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Doctor Who has sparked a near-infinity of fannish responses and fanworks. That said, some fans argue that Doctor Who fandom is notoriously wanky.[1]

The very old divide between science fiction fans and media fans is alive and well here, with both sides heavily armed, but that's just the start. There's also some disdain between Old School Who fans and New Who fans -- respectively, those who watch or watched the original Doctor Who versus those who are only in it for Russell T. Davies's reboot of the series.[2]

Doctor Who Online Fandom overlaps heavily with Doctor Who Offline Fandom, with many BNFs being members of both communities, but it is possible to be a member of online fandom without, for example, ever interacting with an asexualist. There are active Doctor Who fans in at least 25 countries around the globe.[3]

Classic Who and the Internet

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In the 1990s and early 2000s, there was an active fan presence on Usenet, with general fannish discussion located at rec.arts.drwho ("radw") and rec.arts.drwho.moderated, and a fanwork community at alt.drwho.creative.

New Who Online Fandom

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With each successive season of the show's new incarnation (as it were), more fans join the Doctor Who bandwagon, often with tremendous delight.

Of course, there are also occasional disagreements. The Rose Wars began as a pitched battle between those who felt that Rose was the Doctor's one and only love and those who saw her as one companion among many; in more recent years they've been largely between hardcore Doctor/Rose shippers and Rose character bashers/

Doctor/Master is another popular pairing, spanning Classic and New Who. (The New Who Master most paired with the Doctor is the John Simm incarnation, not the Derek Jacobi one.)

In the era of Eleven, popular pairings include (eventual canon pairing) Doctor/River and the trio (or OT3) of Amy/Rory/Eleventh Doctor, all three of whom are sometimes referred to, together, as the Ponds. (See, e.g., the Ponds Daily picspam community on dreamwidth.) Some fans shipped River Song/Amy Pond, or River Song/Amy Pond/Rory Williams and were not thrilled with one of the major Season Six (nu!chronology) reveals.

Notable Fanworks


  • The Scourge of Trion, Ellen Fremedon. 94,000+ words set between "Planet of the Dead" and "Children of Earth." (Author's summary: "Why is it always small consumer goods? I can't name a single planet-- well, not more than two or three... dozen-- ever successfully conquered through small consumer goods. But whenever it's you lot, every would-be conqueror takes one look and breaks out the transistor radios.") Pairings include Tenth Doctor/Vislor Turlough and Fifth Doctor/Vislor Turlough.


For more fanworks of note, divided by Doctor, check out the page on The Doctor himself.

Online Communities and Archives

  • Outpost Gallifrey was a community focused on discussion and meta with a very large and active forum. It closed in June, 2009.[5]
  • Gallifrey Base [1] is a forum community that began after Outpost Gallifrey ceased operation.
  • A Teaspoon and an Open Mind is a fanfic archive for all versions of Doctor Who and the various spin-off series as well.
  • Crafty Tardis is a fancraft community
  • Eye of Horus [2] is an UK independent Doctor Who news and reviews portal that initially began as a fanzine (1983-1985) and has been actively online since April 2003.
  • DWFiction is a dreamwidth community which calls itself "the central clearing house for Doctor Who fanworks on Dreamwidth. All types of canon - including Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, and other spinoffs - are welcome[.]"


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