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Synonyms: Communication, Conversation, Phrase, Speech
Related: Flirting, Kink, Romance
See Also: Pet Name
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Dialogue is conversation between two or more people. This is common in fancomics and fanfiction. Though actions are just as important, if not technically more important, dialogue can be crucial to a story line. This page also includes what may be considered monologue, such as Giving a Speech or one-sided conversations. The complete opposite, which is still considered somewhat effective communication depending on the situation, is when one character gives another The Silent Treatment.


Flipping the Bird

An action in the United States which consists of holding up the middle finger, only. It means 'Fuck you.'


Knowing how to make amends is a part of good communication.


'You Love Me'

This is often said in a teasing manner. 'Oh, you know you love me,' and things alike, used as a response to being told off, or to be quiet.


'I'm Yours'

Telling another character that they belong to them is very intimate, and considered romantic.

Love Confession

See: Love Confession

Proposal of Marriage

'You're Perfect'

Love can compel one to look beyond another's flaws, or see them for what they are, but still find beauty in them.


Dirty Talk


Proposal of Sex


Giving a Speech

One may give a speech as part of a school assignment, or as a political move, but it can also be a way to rally the troupes and inspire individuals.

The Silent Treatment

Many see this as an immature form of communication, but one may admit that it gets a point across.