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Event: #CookiesForSterek
Participants: The Sterek Campaign, Qhuinn
Date(s): September 2012 -
Type: Fan Campaign
Fandom: Teen Wolf
URL: Sterek Campaign page
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CookiesForSterek is an online campaign within the Teen Wolf fandom to show support for the Sterek ship and the possibility of it becoming canon.

It all began with the show's creator, Jeff Davis, having a Twitter exchange with a fan.

Show creator Jeff Davis has famously stated that if enough fans “demanded” the pairing, he “could be persuaded” to make Sterek a narrative priority. Later, when a fan offered to bake him cookies if he made Sterek part of the Teen Wolf canon, he replied, “I love cookies. Especially chocolate chip.”[1]

In response, fans decided to make sure Jeff got his cookies. They created The Sterek Campaign and decided to make #cookiesforsterek trend on Twitter.

Cookies for Sterek also created a promo and kicked off a cross-platform social media campaign to get the word out. Fans responded in droves, submitting 450 entries of themselves with cookies and messages for Davis and the show. On Sept. 17th, right on schedule, they trended #cookiesforsterek on Twitter in the U.S. and other countries.[1]

After the online success of their campaign, fans decided to send the cast and crew actual cookies.

We decided that a good (and delicious) show of support for Jeff that would show off how dedicated and loving our fandom is, would be to send him actual chocolate chip cookies. We eventually found a contact at MTV and presented our idea for approval. They reviewed it, asked questions, and then happily agreed to allow us to proceed.

We then contacted a professional bakery and presented the idea to them; we wanted to allow the fandom to collectively purchase a shipment of cookies online to be baked and mailed by the bakery to the set of Season 3 filming. The bakery loved the idea, and we collaborated to have a site set up for purchasing. They also offered us (the admins) a chance to purchase butter cookies (soft vanilla cookies basically) with printed fondant icing featuring pictures of each cast member or the logo of our organization.

The cookies were baked, packaged, and mailed by Canton’s Back Home Bakery, and delivered to our contact at the set. There were 28 boxes of 24 cookies- 22 chocolate chip, 1 printed cast cookie, and 1 printed SC logo cookie to represent that the Sterek fandom in collaboration with the Sterek Campaign had sent the cookies. There were 26 face cookies in all and 28 Sterek Campaign logos out of the 676 cookies that were sent (the boxes without face cookies were meant for the general crew). The rest of the cookies were chocolate chip, and were shared amongst the entire cast and crew, who were thrilled.

Included also in the shipment were individualized thank you notes written by the SC admins for each cast member, as well as for some of the writers/help and the general crew.[2]



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