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Journal Community
Name: cinepuri
Date(s): 2006-2010
Moderator: 23crayons, mienai_hoshi
Founder: 23crayons
Fandom: Prince of Tennis

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cinepuri was a LiveJournal community for the live-action movie adaptation of Prince of Tennis. There were 101 entries and 715 comments made in the community between 2006 and 2010.

News about an official Prince of Tennis liveaction movie has been circulating various communities, but I felt that it did indeed need it's own. This community has been created to be home to any news/trailers/links/information/kindly shared summaries of this movie that the members can provide!

Rules: - Please keep it CinePuri (or at the VERY least, TeniPuri or TeniMyu) related! - If you are posting any information that is a RUMOR, please note that where people can see it to avoid confusion. - All information is welcome, especially for those of us who can't speak japanese and would like to know more about it. - Please don't be rude to any community members!

Thank you, and let's all count the days!