Building to Last

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Title: Building to Last
Author(s): Terence
Date(s): 1990-1998
Fandom: Professionals
External Links: available at the Circuit Archive], Archived version

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Building to Last is a 16 part series of domestic bliss fiction written by Terence and published in parts in Chalk and Cheese. The series was popular and one Southern California fan copied the stories from each issue of Chalk and Cheese and bound then together into a custom zine.


BUILDING TO LAST series - Terence

1. Building to Last - 119K

1.5 To Catch a Human - Note - 22K

2. Bearding the Cow - 49K

3. Packaging is Everything - 28K

4. The Grand Mating Dance - 47K

5. The Convalescent Cat - 81K

6. Assault and Battery - 83K

7. Dirty Nappies - 103K

8. Tell a Woman - 74K

9. Tomcats - 65K

10. Tea and Sympathy - 26K

11. Scrambled Eggs - 38K

12. Supporting Role - 15K

13. First Step - 22K

14. Dancing Round the Truth - 21K

15. Raven Has His Say - 12K

16. Agony Aunt - 13K

17. Miss-step - 12K
Dragon Slayers, Ltd. - Terence - 14K

Kinky Boots - Terence - 8K


"First time story that has a Star Trek slash fanzine as the catalyst into a relationship. I just love the idea!! Even though this a part of a long series, this story is stand alone and complete within itself!!"[1]
"I've never understood the allure of mpreg either. I suspect it's because we're socialized to believe that a partner and children is the ultimate expression of a fulfilled life." I think you can see reflections of that socialisation in early Pros stories. The Building To Last series by Terence, for example, really does seem to be setting out to reconstruct as close a facsimile of (stereotypical) straight marriage with children and cat as possible. No mpreg, happily. But still everything I don't want to read about!"[2]


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