List of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanzines

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This is a list of fanzines that have Buffy the Vampire Slayer content. For fanzines with Angel content, go here.

Zine Title Year of Publication Genre
All Slay meta
Angel's Heart het
An Alternate Viewpoint 1998 gen
A Shark with Feet 2002 het & slash
Bite Me - Sheila Marie Lane gen
Body and Soul - Lisa Martin
Bringing the Group Together - Voracity het & slash
Call It Spuffy Love 2007? het
Close To Home... So Far Away (Angel/Buffy) het
City of Refuge het
The Collected S/B Stories het
Closing Time het
Come Forth as Gold het
Demon's Childe - Creed Cascade and TJ het & slash
Destiny gen
Enchanted (X-Files xover) gen
Enchantment het
Forged in Flames - Gillian Silverlight het
Give Blood 1998 gen
Hard Bargained - R. Dean Becker het
Heart of Darkness het
Her Dark Soul het
Innocent Blood - Oshram 1998 het
Love's Bitch slash
Lover's Walk slash
Observare 1998 gen
Passion het & slash
Plans (Angel/Buffy) het
Sanity - Lisa Martin slash
The Slayer ?-2001 gen
A Snack Before Dinner 1998 gen
Strong Enough
Smoke and Mirrors - Lisa Martin 2002 slash
Spring Break 1997
The Sunnydale Slayers 2000 gen
Stained Glass - Lisa Martin 2001 slash
Staked Blake 2000 gen
SUNNYMOONs‎ (German) 2002 slash
This Rough Magic - Maureen the Mad 1999 gen
Trick of the Dark 2000
The Trade het
Twilight Time - Shadow 2004 slash
A Watcher's Passion het & slash
The Way We Were (Giles/Ethan) slash
Xander's Choice het & slash