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Name: Ashley J.
Alias(es): arminaa, Blacklily
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Kirk/Spock, Kirk/McCoy Steve/Tony Sherlock/John
URL: arminaa on LiveJournal
arminaa8 on Tumblr
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Ashley, also known as arminaa, is an American fan artist known for her high-quality photo manipulations of both TOS and reboot Kirk/Spock, Kirk/McCoy, Star Trek RPS, Steve/Tony and Sherlock/John.

Using digital manipulation software, she takes base images from the internet and original photos of the characters, blending them together into artistic and life-like collages. She publishes most of her work on Livejournal, but her art has also appeared in a number of zines.

Examples of Ashley's Photo-manips

(TOS Kirk/Spock)
(Reboot Kirk/Spock)
(Reboot Kirk/McCoy)
Beginnings (Sherlock/John)


More of Ashley's photo-manips can be seen at her Livejournal page.

She has contributed art to the following fanzines:


Ashley is an active participant in a number of online communities including Kirk/Spock on LJ, for which was responsible for the community's 'makeover' in 2010 including designing new banner art, and Yahoo's KirkSpockCentral mailing list.

Ashley has worked on a number of online projects along with Amanda Warrington, co-ordinating the Livejournal Kirk/Spock Advent Calendar since 2009 and the Livejournal K/S Valentine fest since 2010, designing the community styles and creating the banners and icons, as well as working with a number of fans on various projects. In 2012, she set up and ran the BBC Sherlock advent calendar. In addition, she continues her work on the Kirk/Spock Delicious Project which bookmarks all fanfiction, poetry, fanart, fanvids and fanmixes posted to the Kirk/Spock slash community on Livejournal since it started.


In January 2011, Ashley produced and published the first K/S all-reboot e-zine, Universal Constant, which was made available for download as a pdf file. The zine includes contributions from a number of prominent writers and artists in reboot K/S fandom and has so far achieved over 1700 downloads. (Last accessed 6 November 2011). A second edition was published in September 2011, with the theme: Alternate Universes, and was made available in a number of e-reader formats. Ashley intends to publish the e-zine semi-annually.

Ashley coordinated and was editor of the official KiScon 2011 e-zine and the KiScon 2012 print zine, both of which were exclusive convention give-aways for attendees.

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