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Fanfiction and Podfic

On September 15, one anonymous user published “That’s a bribe,” an anthropomorfic that ships Archive of Our Own User(s) (Anthropomorphic) with Lawyer(s) (World Science Fiction Society) and portrays AO3 User(s) sexually bribing WSFS Lawyer(s) to “let us say we all won Hugos now.” olive2read later podficced the story for Voiceteam 2020.[1]

On September 17, AO3 user Lumeleo published another anthropomorfic with the pairing Archive of Our Own/The Hugo Award (Anthropomorphic) featuring humiliation kink:

“You are nothing.” The Hugo Award swallowed as a stray kudo tickled his metaphorical surface before retreating. “I was here long before you. I define what matters. I divide the field into winners and losers, I am what people strive for. You? You are open to anyone, like a common whore.”

“Whore? You wound me. I have never charged for my love. Any gifts I receive are just that, gifts of affection.” AO3 smirked. “You, however… you are old and weak, and buckling under the weight of your self-importance. Perhaps at one time you were important, perhaps you still matter to a select handful of people. However, you are fading away, and unless you accept that and change, you will be gone before long.”[2]

It was podficced a few weeks later by Azdaema.[3]

Another anonymous user, in fanfic “Stanley Cup — What It Means” (originally published in the comments section of the AO3 news post), compared the AO3 Hugo Award drama to a hypothetical scenario in which the NHL’s PR person instructs the spokesperson for the Oviraptors to correct fans who are claiming that “they” won the Stanley Cup: “It dilutes what winning the Stanley Cup means, if just anyone can go around saying they won it. I mean, listen to this: HockeyLuvver63 tweeted, ‘Oviraptors won because I was the MVP and saved Darcy from rolling off the couch.’ And then there’s a picture of this woman catching a Boston Terrier in a puck costume as it slides off a sofa. If people keep saying things like that, other people might start thinking the real winners and MVPs are just making it up too, and sneer at them for it.” FayJay made a podfic of it within a day.[4]

AO3 user fillory published an anthropomorfic with the pairing Archive of Our Own Users/The Hugo Award (Anthropomorphic), describing the ship as "a love that could only exist between a science fiction award and its two million recipients. And recipients they were, no matter who or what tried to tell the Hugo they weren’t. They had claimed it: It was theirs."[5] Chantress podficced it within a day.[6]

An anonymous AO3 user published another anthropomorfic called "Who Killed The Hugo Awards" that cycles through various anthropomorphized controversies related to the Hugo Awards before landing on AO3.[7]

On Fail-Fandomanon, one commenter posted a Chuck Tingle-style "3,000 words of sizzling human on gay living archive action, including anal, wall sex, and undignified pounding love"[8]. The fic is now also on AO3 as "Ficced in the Ass by the Handsome Living Award-Winning Archive (Who is Also a Dinosaur)."

AO3 user CheyanneChika published one-shot "We Won!", which characterizes fictional characters popularized by both original works and fandom as fanfiction writers who dream of being noticed by the Hugo Awards someday and celebrate when they do in 2019, "[b]ecause there are millions, and maybe they can’t actually fit in one room, but that Hugo is ours, whether Kevin likes it or not."[9]

AO3 user hardlyhurtmenow published "Cease & Desist Letter (for use by the WSFS)," noting in the creator's notes, "If the WSFS needs to pass the hat for a lawyer, perhaps they should try drafting their own C&D and sending that to the people who are selling Hugo Award-related merchandise or trying to put that they are a Hugo Award-Winning author on their books."[10]

An anonymous creator published a smut fic inspired by the cease & desist letter in which "The world only knew of them as Cease & Desist. The world had no idea that when they were alone, that ampersand turned into a slash."[11]

AO3 user Emyn Nant Nefydd (gwenynnefydd) published "rocket man," which features porn between the main characters of "Pounded In The Butt By Fan Fiction Hosting Website AO3's Hugo Award Nomination" by Chuck Tingle.[12]

AO3 user wolfwine published "The Buzz About Arugula," parodying AO3 as a beehive that won the "Colewort Award... for the hive and not for any specific pollen-collecting or honey-making activity. We don't want anybee to be putting forward that they, personally, are recipients of the award."[13]

AO3 user BabelGhoti published "Those Who Tell the Tales," a soulmark AU in which "everyone is born bearing the name of the literary award they will someday win," with "millions" sharing the same HUGO mark.[14] BabelGhoti also recorded a podfic of the story.[15]

An anonymous AO3 user published "You're Mine," a BDSM anthropomorfic featuring the pairing The Hugo Award (Anthropomorphic)/Reader.[16]

AO3 users gandalfspace, bookworm83197, and TwoCatsTailoring published "Dearest Annabelle," a fic from the perspective of a soldier on the front lines of the Hugo wank, based on a hockey twitter meme.[17]

Poetry and Filks

Several commenters on the news post wrote poetry summarizing the wank on the post:

There once was a man from Nantucket WSFS
Who decided to make a mess.
He got all his cronies
To yell at the "phonies"
That AO3 users were less.
And soon the drama came to be
Far greater than anyone could forsee.
It all exploded
As relevant discourse eroded
Deeper and deeper in the comment tree.
The onslaught of jokes, onslaught of laughter
Turns to anger and frustration shortly thereafter.
Sexism, acronyms, congratuation, puppygate
And accusations await
All ye who enter this spate.[18]

"I love you AnOn3"
reputable Hügø said to us all before
adding a sombering request to
not go saying too much around
they once made love to
the disreputable nasty bunch.
"I meant I love your programming skills, you silly runch”[19]

FayJay wrote the following parody of the poem “This Is Just To Say” by William Carlos Williams in the comments section of the AO3 news post:

We have retracted
the Hugo
that you were
and which
you were probably
pretty good about.
Forgive me
your porn is embarrassing
and you are
the wrong kind of fans.[20]

Aja wrote the following story in the AO3 news post comments parodying Hemingway’s own six-word story: “For sale: Hugo awards, never won.”[21]

Commenter John A Arkansawyer wrote filk in the File 770 comments based on The Velvet Underground’s song “Oh! Sweet Nuthin’”:

Standing on the corner,
Hugo in my hand,
Kevin’s in the comments, says to AO3,
Hey baby, you didn’t win that thang.
Ridin’ in a starship, Jim,
Those were different times
When admin studied rules of marks
And the greek chorus just rolled their eyes.
Oh, sweet nothin’. Oh, sweet nothin’.[22]

Commenter originally wrote the following parody of the poem “Ozymandias” by Percy Bysshe Shelley in the comments section of the AO3 news post:

I met a traveller from an antique con,
Who said—“One vast and lawless site of porn
Stands in t'internet. . . . Near it, on the ground,
Face-slapped, a rocket phallus lies, whose Kevin,
With wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its Administrator well those pornos read
Which yet survive, and tagged on these filthy things
The fans that mocked him and the WSFS.
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Hugo, Award of Awards;
Look on your works, ye entitled princesses, and STFU.
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal rocket, boundless and bare
The hot and filthy porn stretches far away.”[23]

Commenter fillory wrote the following parody of the The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer in the comments section of the AO3 news post:

Whan that Dublin with its aged convention
The droghte of fans hath managed their ascension,
And bathed every room in swich delight
Of which vertu inspired is the night;
Whan astolat eek with her swete breeth
Bestowed hath to every art and fic
Th'awarded Hugo, and those who attend
Hath in the audience been asked to stand,
And smale twitters maken melodye,
That celebrate the night with open ye,
(So priketh hem Archive in hir newsposts),
Than longen folk to meme with Hugo roasts,
And nonnies for to joke about their gold,
In joyous glee, uncouth to eyes of old;
And specially, from every profile ende
Of tumblr, to Livejournal they wende,
The holy blisful Hugo for to claim,
That AO3 hath earned—it's in the name![24]

Commenter Jane_Fairfax wrote the following parody of the poem “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep” by Mary Elizabeth Frye in the comments section of the AO3 news post:

Do not stand at my Twitter bio and weep
The Hugo is not mocked there; also, I never sleep.
I am a thousand fans that write,
I am the tags wrangler on "anal appetite",
I am the lurker on omegaverse smut,
I am the gentle reader kudoing butts.
When you awaken in this no fun hush
I am the swift commenters rush
Of trite jests and funny meme.
I am the Archive of Our Own theme.
Do not stand at my feed and cry,
The Hugo is not mocked there; it did not di·lute.[25]

Several users wrote variations on the "i lik the bred" meme: @scifantasy on twitter[26], ZaliaChimera in the comments section of the AO3 news post[27], and RuinsPlume on AO3.[28] An anonymous AO3 user posted @scifantasy's poem to AO3 overlaid on a manip of a cow licking the Hugo Award.[29]

AO3 user Laura JV (jacquez) wrote the following parody of the poem “The Good-Morrow” by John Donne in the comments section of the AO3 news post:

I wonder, by my troth, what Hugo and I
Did, till we loved? Were we not weaned till then?
But sucked on fictional pleasures, childishly?[30]

AO3 user magpie_fngrl wrote the following parody of the poem “And Death Shall Have No Dominion” by Dylan Thomas in the comments section of the AO3 news post:

And Hugo shall have no dominion.
Porn writers naked they shan’t give a fuck
About the Kevins of the cons and the sff fanboys;
When their porn is picked clean and their twitter names mocked,
They shall have Destiel at elbow and foot;
Though they write Wincest porn they shall be sane,
Though they sink through the Drarry filth they shall rise again;
Though cons be lost fandom shall not;
And Hugo shall have no dominion.[31]

AO3 user Amiril published the following parody of the carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas”:

Twelve All staffers Done
Eleven caselaws cited
Ten comments threaded
Nine filers whining
Eight nonnies memeing
Seven SMOFs a'scheming
Six poems a'slamming
Fiveeeeeeeee anthroooo fiiiiiiiiiiiiics
Four armchair lawyers
Three long backreads
Two trademark no-nos
And another fucking post from Standlee[32]

On Fail Fandom Anon, an anonymous user wrote filk based on Zevon’s song “Werewolves of London,” including the following verse and chorus:

They're those feral-fan authors who write weird porn with vore
Lately they've been making jokes on Twitter
You chose not to send C&Ds
Instead you scolded AO3's
Userbase and made them bitter

Werewolves of fandom
Werewolves of fandom

On Fail Fandom Anon, an anonymous user wrote "yet another filk" based on Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah,” including the following verse and chorus:

I've heard there was a book award
Some people gave to a faceless horde
Not knowing just how far they wanted to go
It went like this: novel, nov'lette
Each got its own dildo rocket
But then some ficcers claimed they'd won a Hugo

Won a Hugo
Won a Hugo
Won a Hugo
Won a Huuuuuuu-uuuuuuuuuu-go[34]


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