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Name: Anime Archive (USA Anime Archive)
Owner/Maintainer: Thomas Kinnen
Dates: 1996-to at least 2000
a 2000 archived page
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Anime Archive was a late 1990s-early 2000s website.

"Welcome to the USA Anime FanFic Archive. This archive specializes in Anime Fan Fiction, and Anime related home pages."

Hosted Sites

The USA Anime FanFic Archive hosts the following home pages:

  • Anime Hideaway
  • Jeffrey "One Shot" Wong
  • Kevin's Story Page
  • Makoto's Anime FanFiction Room
  • Phoenix's Picture and Fanfiction Gallery
  • Richard Beaubien's FanFiction Room
  • Thomas E. Cardwell
  • Thomas C. Kinnen (Geek in Charge)