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Name: Alohomora!
Owner/Maintainer: Lilia
Dates: 1999-2001?
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Alohomora! was one of the first Harry Potter websites to house fiction. It was created and maintained by Lilia.

It was mentioned in 2002:
The first Harry Potter site was the Realm, founded in the fall of 1999. And there were authors, and it was good. This website was run by one person, Gypsy, but this task is extremely large; therefore, the site's fanfiction archive has become less and less the center of fanfiction activities. This site was the first Harry Potter fanfiction site, and was the typical fan-run HP fanfic site of the time: small, designed in an amateurish way, and with a small community of teenaged authors. Another similar site of this time was (now defunct). [1]

From the Website

Enter! Welcome, one and all, to Alohomora -- your key to Harry Potter! Feel free to look around, there's not much to see. But don't worry folks, one day I'll learn html and get you a real page, maybe even linked with Mugglenet......Some parts of the site aren't running, eventually I'll hook up the guestbook, but meanwhile, browse a bit. The news is below the links, btw (once I get some news). I've added a few wav files (in the gallery), played by Real Jukebox or Windows Media. Enjoy! (if they work, that is) I'm really sorry about the poor picture quality, I don't understand what's wrong with them. They're really spotty on my computer, maybe they're better somewhere else. Tip: Do NOT click Alohomora! or home, click Welcome!, unless you want to go back to the header page. The Welcome! link can be found either in the margins or at the bottom of the page. I'm working to correct this. Agh, the Alohomora links won't delete.......!!

Oh, by the way, my friend created a set of very adorable Harry Potter "chibis" (mini versions of the characters) when she was very bored on a rainy day. Soon enough (i.e. when I stop being lazy), we intend to make an "Adopt a Harry Potter Character" site, in which you can pick out your very own! =).....So far we have Harry, Ron, Hermione, Colin Creevey, Hagrid, Oliver Wood, Lockhart....tentative Dumbledore and Quirrell....and my personal favourite, Snape! At this point I am trying to convince her to make a Ginny and a Voldemort, but that remains to be seen...


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