Zombie Hand of Rob Lowe

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Title: Zombie Hand of Rob Lowe
Creator: Laura Jacquez Valentine
Date(s): November 30, 2000
Medium: essay
Fandom: Meta, The Sentinel
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The Zombie Hand of Rob Lowe is a a critique by Laura Jacquez Valentine. The essay is not titled this officially.

The essay is actually a post to a mailing list and is a critique of a specific fanfic.

"What follows is a post I made to Prospect-L on 30 November 2000. It has, oddly, become part of the list culture. I'm not entirely clear on why.

At any rate, here it is: my line by line analysis of Alyjude's "Restrained Sex".

Right. So, not so long ago, I said that Aly's work *was* sometimes discordant and clumsy, contrary to her claims. Someone asked me to back that up.

So, today I went to 852 Prospect and found Aly's newest, which I had never read, since I stopped reading her fiction a while ago. Herein is my analysis of the story. I welcome comments. I've trimmed out spaces in dialogue-only sections for space.

I'm CC'ing Aly on this because she's no longer subbed, and I don't think it's quite fair to comment about this behind her back.

When reading this story for the first time, I simply read it, but I had a lot of trouble getting into it. The writing style and the use of language made that very difficult for me. I read it three times before writing this post, but a lot of what's written here is what went through my head on that first read, before I started any deconstruction work."

Origin of the Title

The phrase "Zombie Hand of Rob Lowe" comes from a body part in a sex scene that inadvertently sounds as though it might belong to someone other than the two characters having sex ("a hand caressed him," "a finger stroked a thigh.")

The name comes from a reference to watching Rob Lowe on television in the story the essay critiqued, leading Laura to ask Whose finger is it? Does it belong to Blair, or Jim, or Rob Lowe?

Also see Zombie Body Parts.