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ZebraCon 1 (1979)

Zebracon 1 was held in July 27-29, 1979 and had 49-60 attendees.

Convention Reports

There are many early convention reports, for 1979 as well as others, in the letterzine S and H, one in The K/S Press #16 as well as other places.

This one was published in Blond Blintz Bulletin, was written by Paulie, and is for the very first Zebra Con in 1979:

Zebra Con was held at the Melrose Park Holiday Inn, July 27, 28, and 29, and was attended by about 60 of the 65 people scheduled to come. We also were proudly supported by 35 others. I suppose I should take things in order, so…..

I'll start with Thursday night; the 26th. I finally finished printing the Dirtball Dispatch, and would like to extend a very heartfelt "thank you" to Joanne and to Zort, who helped collate 'til 4 a.m. Speaking of the Dirtball, also thanks to Paula Smith and whoever else came to my room to help collate (forgive me for forgetting your name - I was on drugs! ). Also thanks to CR (you know who you are) for coming up and spooning (for those of you who don't know; spooning is a primitive - but effective - way of closing staples.).

Friday afternoon - the con begins! And so does mass confusion, due to a sudden influx of fans. Thanks to Karen and Shirley for running the registration desk so smoothly! Most of the confusion was just everybody meeting "names" - names we all knew of through fandom, but were meeting in person for the first time. Like Connie Faddis, Lorraine Bartlett, Laurie Haldeman, Jan Lindner, Teri White, and Liz Tucker - who gets first prize for chiding letters to apathetic fans. Registration was followed by a somewhat "loose" costume/get acquainted party, which was mostly everyone sitting around talking S & H. Which is what it was all about anyway! There were some hucksters already doing great business Friday, selling live photos of the boys, magazine articles and pictures, toys, and other collectors' items. Friday ended with the showing of videotapes from 9 until about 3: 30 in the morning. Thanks to Karen and Randy for bringing their machine!

Saturday morning blossomed afresh with the: opening of the dealer's room and the art show. We by no means expected the quantity of art we got - it was marvelous! Thanks Signe, for sending your beautiful pieces even though you couldn't come - see you next year! Throughout the afternoon, we had three excellent panels, and a slide show by Rita Dyan which gave us a wonderful glimpse backstage. We then adjourned to the pool for the First Annual Starsky vs. Hutch Big-Balloon-In-Your-Face Water Fight, which was won by the Hutch team - who cheated - but it was all just in fun anyway. (But wait 'til next year, Starsky fans. Sweet revenge!) (Sorry)

After the pool fight, everybody took a needed break, then came the highlight of the con - the banquet. Professional photography was donated by Bob Cortier (thanks Bob!). At the banquet, the guests of honor speeches were made, given by two shaky, shy, but marvelous ladies who have done a lot for fandom - Lorraine (Zebra Three) Bartlett and Linda (Collector Supreme) Walter. Awards were given for Best Costume (Simone...Simone...), and literary and artistic achievements in S & H fandom. Most of the awards were won by Miss Connie Faddis, who must have set off every airport alarm on her way home….

The banquet was followed by the Zebra Con Art Auction, and at this time I should like to thank everybody who contributed - artwork, scripts, zines, slides, dolls, and othersuch "for the kids." Also, a very big thank you to Paula, Joanne, (who ran the table and handled the money); all the runners; and Karen and Kyym for helping auctioneer. Couldn't have done it without ya!

The auction was over about 1, and the masochists ran off and flayed themselves with more episodes in the video room - 'til ' 4 am. *Sigh* Ain't fandom grand?

Sunday was a day both happy and sad. There was another panel, a writers' workshop, and a dead dog conference, where, I'm happy to report, it was unanimous to go for Zebra Con II - The Sequel. It was here that I announced that Zebra Con '79, the very first S & H Fandom Convention, (and hopefully not the last), made $650 for the National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse. Thank you, all. And God bless you every one.

The sad part of Sunday was the goodbyes. As always, time goes far too quickly when you're having fun.

Now, all you people out there - if this con report seems slightly sketchy and not fulfilling enough - all of you non-members of Zebra Con may purchase an in-depth review, including photos, highlights, transcripts of panels, award list, etc. in the form of the Zebra Con '79 Yearbook [1], for the paltry sum of $1.50 (not including postage, which will be determined by size).


  1. it is unknown if this was ever published
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