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Name: Zarabeth
Relationships: with Spock?
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Zarabeth is a human character who appears in the Star Trek: TOS episode "All Our Yesterdays."

She was exiled to an icy planet in the past as punishment for her family's treason. Spock and McCoy accidentally entered Zarabeth's time era when they attempted to follow Kirk through the atavachron. She led them to safety, and Spock learned that they were "trapped" 5,000 years in the past and, as a result, began to emotionally regress to that time, which was before Vulcans had suppressed their emotions. In hopes of staving off her loneliness, Zarabeth told Spock that they could not return to their own time. Spock became more and more emotional. Finally, Zarabeth conceded to knowing only that she could never go back and agreed to lead them to the portal. Spock, still reluctant to leave her behind, decides to return when they heard Kirk's voice. At the end of the episode, Spock speaks of the realization that Zarabeth had been dead for 5,000 years.

Zarabeth is featured often in fan works, mostly het and slash. In het works, it is commonly assumed that Spock had sex with Zarabeth and fathered a child, usually a son. In slash works, Zarabeth spotlights Spock's grief and loneliness, which of course, leads to an intimate relationship with Kirk.

Some Fanfiction

An Audio Tape

  • Fanzine, a rare Star Trek: TOS "fan-generated magazine on tape" by Shuttlecraft. It is a "45-minute monaural cassette tape with music, dramatic readings, etc." It includes "And Zarabeth Killed a Snowbear."

Some Fanart