Your Cruise Director's Love Boat

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Name: Your Cruise Director's Love Boat
Owner/Maintainer: Your Cruise Director
Dates: 1997-2011
Type: personal fic site
Fandom: Lord of the Rings and other fandoms
Your Cruise Director's Love Boat.jpg
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Your Cruise Director's Love Boat is Your Cruise Director's fanfic site. It is no longer active and the stories have been moved to Ao3. In addition to Your Cruise Director's fic, the site housed primarily Star Trek fanfic and art, both het and slash, by DRush, who provided the site's artwork, as well as Lrbowen, Cybermum, Malaika, Claire Gabriel, Laura Williams, MaquisMom, and Annie MacDonald. The original members were all Janeway/Chakotay writers, many of whom had previous and later involvement in other fandoms.

The page was featured on The Best of Trek Fanfic and was a member of The J/C Webring[1] and The Aragorn/Boromir Slash Ring.[2]


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