You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While)

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While)
Author(s): seperis
Date(s): 11 June 2009
Length: 33,463
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Star Trek (2009)
External Links: You'll Get There in the End (AO3)
You'll Get There in the End (K/S Archive)
You'll Get There in the End (LJ)

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You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While) is an Pon Farr Kirk/Spock story by seperis. It makes up the first part in the Reboot Duo and has a sequel called War Games.


The basic summary of the story details the event of where Kirk is forced to go planet side due to an unforeseen complication and Spock follows.

The summary given by the author is a quote from the story itself, "'Spock. Just say 'I don't trust Starfleet not to mess up the only captain in the fleet who I can train up to my expectations and enjoys running into danger wearing a blindfold as much as I do.'"[1]


In April 2010, revolutionaryjo read the story, as well as created an audiobook of You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While). In addition, they also created the cover art for the audiobook which can be found on the Audiofic Archive.[2] The podbook is 3 hours and 24:31 min long.

Oh my god! This podfic is beautiful and amazing and soothes my SOUL! I just re-listened to this yesterday because I’d read something that had sent me into a terrible fit of FEELINGS and sadness and revolutionaryjo’s voice was the perfect application of awesome to make me feel better. Spock’s POV works so well for me and I loved Jo’s amazing ability to make Spock sound badass, competent, logical but also with FEELINGS! (I over identify with Spock sometimes). It’s an amazing story. I love how the story moves between two times and Jo makes each one sound distinct. \bonding/ [3]

Recs and Reviews: "You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While)"

  • "Good lord. This one takes a while to read, but you won't be sorry. It's like having your own obsession flung back in your face, in a weird meta sort of way. I'm still not breathing properly." [4]
  • "Reboot Pon Farr fic with a twist. Kirk goes down to earth to deal with induced pon farr from the mind meld with Spock Prime. Nu!Spock has a plan. War Games (XI), is the sequel. Both fics are equally amazing. *points below* This series belongs on the EPIC list as well. ♥" [5]
  • "This is still just as good every time I read it and a perfect prelude to Seperis' sequel War Games. I'm not going to go into much detail about this story and the overall plot, mostly because this is one I believe is best just to jump into and partly because Seperis does a marvelous job of explaining things and answering questions throughout the story as you read along, but here is a quote that tells a little more than the summary (tiny bit spoilery, but mostly only for this story rather than the overall Reboot series, considering how the name of the sequel sorta gives stuff away already):" [6]

Fan Art


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