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Name: Yadda Press
Contact: PhoenixE
Type: fan fiction
Fandoms: Stargate SG1
Status: active
URL: http://www.jd-divas.com/yp/yaddahome.shtml
Yada press button.jpg
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Yadda Press is a slash fanzine publisher who produces fanzines both in in e-book and PDF format (on CDs). They've been in publication since 2002.

From the publisher's page: "Hi, my name is Phoenix Emrys and I'm a writer...... Basically, I'm talking a zine on a CD. A zine with all the content you expect, text and graphics, formatted to be printer ready, burned on a CD and shipped to you in a lovely little, inexpensive package. Leaving you the option to enjoy it as is, and take it with you in the much more portable format or....if you want the hard copy experience, you can print it out and have that as well. Your choice. And what's really exciting, all of this is going to cost you a fraction of what you'd normally expect when purchasing a zine. Which I'm hoping will make these zines more accessible for those who want some zine action, but up until now haven't been able to afford them. "

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