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Name: X-Ville, XVille, XV
Date(s): 1996 - 2002
Moderator: n/a
Founder: Portia, Gizzie
Type: RPG
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: alt.tv.x-files and alt.tv.x-files.x-ville
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X-Ville was a character RPG that evolved out of alt.tv.x-files (ATX) in fall of 1996.[1] The ATXF Chamber of Commerce, as it was originally called, started with newsgroup members claiming job titles and real estate within the town of "X-Ville."[2] These job titles and group affiliations could often be found in the poster's sig. The Chamber of Commerce began as a simple list, but quickly grew into an active virtual community.

To join X-Ville, all you had to do was create a character and write about their adventures as they went about their day and interacted with other X-Ville citizens. Characters were usually modeled on the poster themselves and X-Ville posts were identified with "XV" in the subject line. X-Villians would create original story lines, often riffing on current events in the newsgroup or borrowing elements from The X-Files to work into the town. For example, X-Ville was populated with Mulder, Krycek, and Skinner clones in a nod to the show's mytharc and the two-part episode Colony/End Game, which introduced dozens of Samantha Mulder clones. In June 1997, Pamela T. Pon founded the FOX Answering Service,[3] using Mulder clones to deliver notes to other X-Ville members. (FOX Mulder. FAX machine. Get it?) This was a typical use of X-Files canon in X-Ville, but for many newsgroup members, that wasn't enough to justify X-Ville's place on ATX.

Because X-Ville wasn't strictly a discussion, its presence was a sore point in the newsgroup.[4] Some members found it disruptive and off-topic, while others considered its parody just a different type of discussion and an important part of the newsgroup's dynamic.[5] It was a conflict that would never be fully resolved. Many X-Ville members understood that the town didn't really fit the newsgroup's purpose, but they didn't want to leave either. They considered ATX to be X-Ville's home and the source of much of its material.

In March 1997, alt.tv.x-files.x-ville (ATXV) was created to give X-Ville its own space, but it didn't lessen the strain on ATX. Most of the newsgroup members involved in X-Ville were also active in threads throughout ATX and found it easier to stay in one place. Some members couldn't access ATXV because their ISPs didn't carry it. X-Ville ended up being crossposted to both newsgroups and the friction continued.

X-Ville was at its most active from 1996 to 1999, though the occasional post still trickles through the sea of spam on ATXV.

X-Ville Members

  • Heavy: Lead Screamer: Scream Moldy Bore, X-Ville's first and only death metal band ("We'll kick your ass and eat the rest."). Later took the name Savage Brutality because it "sounded more, you know, relentless."[6]
  • Ophelia Quickly: Assault Bassist/Occasional Banshee: Scream Moldy Bore, X-Ville's Premeire Death Metal Band; Proud Proprietor of Stupendous Yappizza.
  • Myrke: Creator and original leader of the Rogues. Became an elf and moved to Middle Earth, leaving leadership of the Rogues to Punk M.
  • Flynn: "XV Enigma/Tattooist? Who knows? Not me...; Proprietor of the Tabernacle of Tattooing Terror. Probably."
  • Punk M: X-Ville's poet laureate, owner of Wetwired Ad Agency ("Where Every Ad Looks the Same!"), Triangler in the X-Ville Musical, and leader of the Rogue OBSSE.[7]
  • Meg: X-Ville's Resident Juvenile Delinquent & Part-Time WIB; Evil Music Director of X-Ville: The Musical; Castle M's Ghostly Mumbling Wanderer; Lover of all things Krycek--"Visit the Lair Of The Rat!"
  • Beagle: Proud Prop., Spam Cafe/Kam Kafe; Director, Queequeg Memorial Small Yappy Dog Rest Home/Bait Shop; lyricist, X-VILLE: The Musical.
  • Prebend Thurman: Bishop Thurman, Prebend of X-Ville; Founder, First Righteous Combined Church of X-Ville, Chapel of the Cross Parish
  • Alby Reid: X-Ville's dysfunctional teenager, Lt. 1st D.A.M.U.
  • Red Crow: X-Ville's resident Hippie, and co-captain of the Doug Hutchison cheerleading squad, Director of X-Ville: The Musical.
  • Laura Capozzola: Town Spy and Proprietor of Laura's and Cloneboy's X Why I Spy Store.
  • Pepper: Owner, X-Ville Newsstand/Videorama; High Priestess of the Cult of Tooms and co-captain, Doug Hutchison Cheerleading Squad; First Fluke, X-Ville: The Musical.
  • Buster: Captain - X-Ville 1st Division Anti-Troll Militia Unit, A SubDivision of the United Nations PeaceKeeping Forces (Canada).
  • Paulina the RedHead: X-Ville's Inebriated Baker's Sometimes Inebriated Assistant; Semi-Permanent Occupant of the Second Stool From the End at Puffy's; Proprietor of X-Ville's Shooting Range and Medieval Warfare Battlefield; Performer of the Role of Dana Scully in the XVille Musical; Compiler of the X-Ville Musical Lyrics.
  • Claire: Canadian Ambassador to X-Ville.
  • The Paulverizer: Owner/Bartender, Puffy's Saloon; Atheist Minister, Church conveniently located at the bar in Puffy's: all are welcome; Rent-A-Cop--HOME Asylum.
  • Spectre: Proprietor, The X-Ville Auto Garage; Proprietor, BOSS (Black Op's Surveillance Store).
  • Pamela T. Pon: Lifeguard at XV's Olympic-Sized Public Pool & Skinny-Dipping Spot, Owner of the FOX Answering Service.
  • Jenny: Caretaker, HOME Asylum.
  • Kath: X-Ville BabySitter; HouseKeeping Manager, HOME Asylum.
  • Spectre: Proprietor, The X-Ville Auto Garage; Proprietor, EyeSpy.[8]
  • Patterns: Runs the X-Ville China Outlet and Pie Shop (ChOPS, the 'h' is silent). She ended up in X-Ville after one of her Darin Morgan clones found a map tucked into a comic that was bought at a garage sale.


  • Puffy's Saloon: X-Ville's local tavern, located in the town square.[9] Named after the long lost original pervert, Puffy Breat Boy [sic].[10]
  • The Castle: Home to Punk M and Rogue Headquarters, the castle definitely had a kitchen, a library, a dungeon, and a bowels (as in "deep in the bowels of the castle"), all other architecture was subject to change at will. Also known as Rogue Manor or Castle M.
  • Queequeg Memorial Small-Yappy-Dog Rest Home and Bait Shop: "Conveniently located by the pier, we offer full service care for those S-Y-D's unfortunately orphaned by serial killers and/or located by psychics....aaaand 'round back you can buy your 100% guranteed gatorbait/Nessie attractors. Plus maps, 5$. Roaches free with purchase."[11]
  • HOME Asylum: X-Ville's insane asylum.[12]

Community Groups/Events

  • Queequeg Memorial Service and Wake: An event in honor of everyone's favorite Small Yappy Dog (SYD). Prebend Thurman lead the group in a hymn.[13]
  • Rogue OBSSE: The Rogues were the black ops arm of the OBSSE. A radical splinter group, they were sometimes referred to as "the kitchen crew."
  • X-Ville: The Musical[14]
  • 1st D.A.M.U.: 1st Division Anti-Troll Militia Unit.
  • X-Ville Goth Ball: Held at Castle M.[15]

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