Walk Away Victorious

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Title: Walk Away Victorious
Creator: novemberlite
Date(s): 20 August 2011
Medium: wacom bamboo, photoshop cs3
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Walk Away Victorious (LiveJournal)
Walk Away Victorious (deviantArt)
Final image, smaller version. For the original size and feedback check out the deviantArt or LJ link.
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Walk Away Victorious is a piece of Merlin/Arthur fanart by novemberlite where Arthur carries Merlin off the battlefield. The image is watermarked (Resolution: 2800×1814). Creating it took 12 hours of work and many references and the fanart was immediately recced multiple times.[1]

The artist posted wip shots which illustrate the process of creating the image.[2]

WIP Shots

WIP shots including artist's comments:


  • "okay - the blood streaked hand print on Arthur's jaw??? FUCK ME, that's hot. I love this hint of the war-torn background and the whole pose of arthur carrying Merlin away from it WHILE THEY KISS."[3]
  • "This is so jaw-droppingly fantastic. I love the way Arthur is clutching Merlin's leg so tightly, and the way that Merlin's hand runs through Arthur's hair, and and... just everything. The entire thing has this wonderful feeling of immense relief that just makes me swoon."[4]
  • "So very vivid that it looks like Merlin and Arthur will step out of it any second. Great composition! And the colours are brilliant! I love how the red seems to permeate everything."[5]
  • "[...] that is an absolutely stunning piece of artwork. Good God, man, their faces, the details on the fabric, the progression of skin tones, the assurance in their faces, and all of the reds--! Fantastic, visually perfect"[6]
  • "The way you've painted this whole thing is gorgeous! The fire, trees and the mountain are wonderful for the background and with Arthur and Merlin...I love this moment where they're about to kiss! And Arthur's saving Merlin for once!"[7]


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