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Press Commentary
Title: The Vice Guide To Fan Fiction
Commentator: Jerry MacPherson
Date(s): 2002
Venue: print
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The Vice Guide To Fan Fiction is a 2002 article about fan fiction published in the online e-zine "The Vice." Like many articles written by outsiders, the author offers a highly negative and dismissive attitude towards fan fiction. Fan fiction is, according to him:

Sandwiched somewhere between amateur porn pics, romance novel listservs, and Star Trek bulletin boards, there exists fan fiction. This is fandom at its most dedicated. “Fuck owning the director’s cut DVD,” says this new breed of hemorrhoid-laden überfan. “Let’s write twenty years’ worth of sequels using the characters, locations, and atmosphere of the original. There are two fundamental camps of fan fiction: the obsessive and the masturbatory.

The article surveys the largest Star Wars fan fiction archive, Fanfix, of the time, details two fan authors (one male and one female), points out the wide variety of bad fan fiction that is available online (Buffy sex, Dawson Creek sex, Transformers sex) and then concludes:

They may be some of the most fucked up and nerdy human beings we’ve ever spoken to, but online fan fiction writers have an outstanding work ethic and are a hell of a lot more prolific than, say, Stephen King in the 80s. If you’re misanthropic, lonely, have a photographic memory, and obsessively love at least two obscure television shows or movies, this may be the community you’ve been looking for. If not, well then you better be prepared for a life of laughing with your friends, getting laid, talking about stuff, and having a really good time.
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