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Title: The Star Trek Guide
Editor(s): Gary J. Levinson (of 1976 edition), then J.(Jedediah) E. Clauss of later editions
Date(s): 1976, 1978
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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cover of 1978 (or later reprinting) edition
cover of the 1976 edition

The Star Trek Guide is a resource to the show.

The First Edition

The first edition of this zine was published in October 1976 and contains 18 pages. On the cover: "Your complete guide to every episode. Synopses! Guest Stars! By the author of The Incredible Star Trek Book"

Later Edition

A later edition was published in 1978 and contains 36 pages. On the cover: "A complete listing of all Star Trek shows" and "New enlarged edition including Cast and Guest Stars." Also, "Aeonian/Star Trek Series."

"According to the cover, this is published by Aeonian Press, not Amereon, and there is no mention of J.E. Clauss, whose name appears in the Books in Print entry for the 1976 edition. However, a copyright notice on the first page credits Amereon. This is a "new enlarged edition," but it's still just a 36-page staple-bound booklet... The Star Trek Guide is, according to the first page, "A guide to the original Star Trek scripts. Each of the shows is listed in order of appearance by season with title, date, stardate, authors, plot core, guest stars, and cast." The "plot core" is a one- or two-sentence plot synopsis. This has probably been reprinted since 1978. On the cover, the words "Star Trek" are printed in the typeface first used for Star Trek - The Motion Picture, which was released in December, 1979. (If memory serves, some promotional materials with the new typeface existed in 1978, but it seems likely that this is a later printing with a newer cover.)" [1]


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