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Title: The Shoebox Project
Creator: Lady Jaida and Rave
Date(s): 26 June 2004 - ongoing
Medium: Multimedia
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: Lomara's .pdf backups - Original URL, got hacked
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The Shoebox Project was a multimedia collaborative fic, with each author taking on the voice of several characters. As the title implies, it's a recounting of an imaginary shoebox under Remus Lupin's bed, containing everything from Hogwarts to (presumably) James and Lily's death. Each section contains photos, letters, cards, diary entries, and so on, with the text of a character's chief memory about them providing the bulk of the post. The fic is Remus/Sirius as well as James/Lily, but contains several chapters of pure gen.

In 2005, around the publication of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, updates slowed to a trickle, where they remained until the community was hacked in November 2008. Both authors insist that it remains a WIP and continue to collaborate whenever they find time.

The Wall Street Journal wrote a review of Shoebox[1], among other fannish projects, which helped launch Lady Jaida's profic career. She continues to publish under her fannish pseud.

From the WSJ article:

Refresh your memory by visiting Jaida Jones's "Shoebox Project" on LiveJournal. Jones, 20, a student at Barnard College, has created a richer romantic history for the two men than Rowling ever could have using books alone. Her multimedia site features original artwork and handwritten letters. She has received e-mails from parents saying they read installments of the Shoebox Project aloud to their children indiscriminately alongside the Harry Potter books because it teaches lessons of tolerance."


  1. Rewriting the Rules of Fiction, accessed 07 November 2008
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