The Mellon Chronicles

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Title: The Mellon Chronicles
Author(s): Cassia & Siobhan
Date(s): 2002-2005
Length: 1,364,199 in its entirety
Genre: hurt/comfort, friendship
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
External Links: Aragorn & Legolas: The Mellon Chronicles (defunct) The Mellon Chronicles on AO3

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The Mellon Chronicles is a fanfiction series set in The Lord of the Rings fandom. All stories are co-authored by Cassia and Siobhan and originate from the idea that Aragorn and Legolas have known each other pre-quest. In the series, which spans most of Aragorn's life, they both have to live through various adventures. Most of the stories are Hurt/Comfort, though some also have fluff elements. While the series roughly follows canon events, the authors generally make up their own backstory for both characters.

The Mellon Chronicles are widely known throughout Lord of the Rings fandom and are a cornerstone of Aragorn & Legolas Friendship.

The original site went offline sometime in 2014, but all stories can be found on AO3.

Stories in Reading Order


Stories were posted to Cassia's account and to the MC Mailing List. Once the story was complete, it would be added as a whole to the MC Website. Cassia's account has been emptied of all stories, but since both the website and the mailing list were founded in 2002[1], it can be assumed that Cassia and Siobhan wrote the bulk of the MC stories between 2002 and 2005. In late 2005 they stepped down as moderators of the list and effectively left fandom,[2] Remember How to Smile being the last story they wrote for the Mellon Chronicles. Around the same time they offered to send a cd containing all stories of the series in .doc format as a goodbye gift to every interested list member.

The series was unofficially (but with permission) posted on AO3 in November 2013-January 2015, as they were no longer available due to the MC website's closure. [3]

Fan Reaction

The Mellon Chronicles are widely known throughout LOTR fandom and for fans of Aragorn/Legolas Friendship stories they are basically considered classics. MC's impact on LOTR authors can be measured by the fact that many ideas Cassia and Siobhan proposed in their stories have become story tropes and were later repeated over in over in fanfiction. The child abuse portrayed in Tears Like Rain is one of those tropes, another is that the authors decided to kill off Gilraen (Aragorn's mother), a fact that actively contradicts canon. Some authors also borrowed original characters from the series (most notably, Trelan and Raniean) to include in their own stories - with permission from both Cassia and Siobhan, of course. (needs an example)

MC Mailing List

As mentioned above, the mailing list was founded May 22, 2002. It was probably intended as a way to easily interact with readers, but has since then evolved into a place where readers and authors interested in Aragorn/Legolas Friendship stories can post and read fanfiction. With over 2000 members it's the largest Tolkien fanfiction group listed on Yahoo Groups[4], a fact that is also mirrored in its traffic at the height of its popularity.[5]

(Didn't Cassia and Sio at one point mail out MC-related keychains as Christmas(?) gifts to members of the mailing list who wanted them?)

MC Fansites

The Mellon Chronicles have such a devoted fan following that they can even sport their very own fansite, Were You No One, maintained by The Write Sisters, Sarah, Hannah and Chloe. The site does not only provide information on Aragorn and Legolas (both in accordance with events in The Mellon Chronicles), it also gives biographical info on the authors. Additionally, there is an encyclopedia, a gallery and a download section.

There were several fanlistings for The Mellon Chronicles, but currently only Untold Adventures is open for business. Several original characters had their own fanlistings, but these were closed down. The Mellon Chronicles Fanlisting Database has an extensive list of all fanlistings that existed at one point or other.

MC Audiofic

Podfic is not very common amongst LOTR fans. There is Tolkien Podfic, but the community is sparsely populated. Still, there is MC Podfic, recorded by the aforementioned Write Sister, Hannah. Her recordings of MC Stories are available for download on her website MC Audio. She did not manage to cover all stories of the series (and the project seems to be abandoned since the last update was in 2007), but what's online still makes for more than 30 hours of MC Audio.

MC Fanart

There is not much fanart made by or for fans of The Mellon Chronicles, except for the very prolific Cactuskim who has her own fanart gallery within the MC website called Cactuskim's Manipulations. Cactuskim, much like Cassia and Siobhan concentrates on Aragorn, Legolas or both.

MC Fanvids

While there is not much fanart around, there certainly are quite some fanvids to enjoy. The MC website hosts trailers for quite a few of Cassia's and Siobhan's stories. Additionally, general Aragorn/Legolas Friendship vids can be found there.

The Mellon Chronicles also have their own Youtube Channel. Apart from that, other Youtube users also post MC-inspired vids, among them Nosterineth[6], Emruthpotter[7] and music7060[8].


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