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Title: The Force
Publisher: The First Order of the Jedi Knights (Intergalactic) Long Beach, CA
Editor(s): Victor Koman
Date(s): 1977-1978
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars, meta
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The Force is a Star Wars zine. It ran for four issues and is non-fiction. It ties with Hyper Space as the first zine published with Star Wars material.

Its Place in Star Wars Zine History

  • Hyper Space (fiction and non-fiction) ties with The Force (non-fiction) as the first Star Wars zines published (both June 1977)
  • Warped Space #26/27 (July 1977) cover was a Star Wars one, artist was Gordon Carleton
  • Warped Space #28 published the first Star Wars story in a multimedia zine in July 1977
  • Moonbeam #3 (fiction) [1] [2] and the letterzine, Alderaan, were both published in February 1978
  • Against the Sith (fiction and non-fiction) and Skywalker (fiction) were published in April 1978, though Against the Sith beat Skywalker by a few weeks. [3]

Issue 1

The Force 1 was published in June 1977 and contains 7 pages.

Yes, gang, a Star Wars fanzine, and this one touts itself to be the first SW zine to appear with it's first issue to appear back in July. Actually, to look at it, it's a bit overdone for my tastes. It is laid out much like a pro or semi-pro zine, done up with typeset columns, press-type titles, and a contents section that says: "Editor/Founder Victor Koman blasts, the critics of STAR WARS spacecraft maneuvering by dropping a few pronoun torpedos into the shaft of their arguments; all on page 2." Sounds like a cover blurb for the National Enquirer ... and even worse, the aforementioned article on page 2 was only 2 paragraphs long. A bit of overhype I think, to cover for the fact Ithat editor Korman probably doesn't have much in the way of articles or submissions, or else just can't afford to print more than two 11 x 17 sheets and keep prices down. There are a good selection of reprinted photos inside, which you rarely see in Trek zines, even offset ones, but the artwork is only so-so. Perhaps with time, the editor will.find a little more meat to put into his fanzine, until then it remains full of potential but still a bit skimpy. [4]

Issue 2

The Force 2 was published in 1977.

Issue 3

The Force 3 was published in 1978.

Issue 4

The Force 4 was published in 1978.



  1. The editor of "Moonbeam" says: "I believed for almost 30 years that it was in fact the first primarily Star Wars fiction fanzine, but I recently learned that Skywalker, the exceptional Star Wars zine edited by Bev Clark, was in fact first by a couple of weeks. Ah well. I was still one of the first, and probably the first on the East Coast.."Main Moonbeam Page; WebCite.
  2. Actually, according to the dates on the zines themselves, "Moonbeam" was first; perhaps there was an understood wiggle-room with the distribution?
  3. From Bev Clark in Southern Enclave #10: "AGAINST THE SITH came out a few weeks before SKYWALKER, no more than six. Neither was the first SW fanzine, exactly. The very first fanzine was a small, poorly produced effort out of Long Beach, called THE FORCE; it was more like a traditional 5F fanzine in that it didn't have much fiction. It was also what is bluntly called in SF fandom, a crudzine. The first fanzine to print all SW fiction, though admittedly as a single issue of a fanzine that was not devoted to SW to the exclusion of all else, was MOONBEAM 3, which came out in the late fall of 1977 or the early spring of 1978 before either AGAINST THE SITH or SKYWALKER, at any rate. SKYWALKER was certainly in preparation by then, however, it began in September, 1977."
  4. from Star Trek #34
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