The Cost of the Cheeseboard

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Title: The Cost of the Cheeseboard
Publisher: Allamagoosa Press
Author(s): June Bauer and Beth Friedman
Cover Artist(s): Kathy Marschall
Illustrator(s): Kathy Marschall
Date(s): 1995
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Size: letter sized; 95 pages; approximately 80,000 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake's 7 RPF/FPF
Language: English
External Links: online review
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cover by Kathy Marschall

The Cost of the Cheeseboard is a gen 95-page novel by June Bauer and Beth Friedman. It was illustrated by Kathy Marschall. It's a FPF/RPF crossover.

In the early 1990s, Jean offered the series to fans freely via email.[1]

Novels in this Series:


From the 1995 flyer:

He came for . . .

the shopping

the ice cream

and Gareth Thomas

He left with . . .

a bag of videotapes

an office temp

and a cat

And the Blake's Seven universe will never be the same again.

"This is Karen Breucher. I had a message to call you. If this is about the arrangements for the next Scorpio--"

"Not exactly." The businesslike voice sounded relieved. "I've got a person here who is most--insistent--that he needs to talk with someone from the convention. Hang on a minute and I'll transfer you."

There was a brief pause and a few more clicks. Then a new--and appallingly familiar--voice said, "Heather?"

"No, she's out of town. This is Karen Breucher." Karen swallowed hard. It can't be . . . it has to be-- "Is this Paul Darrow?"

"Almost. Avon."

The room wavered slightly. "Avon. Avon. Omigod. This isn't a joke, is it? Um, what are you doing in Schaumburg?"


  1. Subject: Cheeseboard and Coin by Nan E. to Lysator dated Nov 22, 1993:"Some time ago, Jean was making these available free via email. I don't have the address anymore but if anyone does, perhaps they could post it."