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Title: The Artroom
Creator: Pat Leslie, Marcus Holt, Amy Shelton and Sandy C. Shelton
Date(s): 1995-1999
Medium: calendar, print
Fandom: Beauty & the Beast
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The Artroom was a website that hosted the Beauty & the Beast poetry/art calendars designed by Pat Leslie, Marcus Holt, Amy Shelton and Sandy C. Shelton. Each calendar told a cohesive story using poetry and illustrations. Sample images are below.

1995 Calendar "Like Magic"

"Like Magic" is archived here. The calendar was featured in the Winterfest 2012 here.

"In 1995, Pat Leslie and I got together to make the first of, now, 5 calendars. While the calendar pages were dated, the story is not. We wanted to share this first amateur poetry/art creation with you. We pulled out what we thought were high points in the life of Vincent and Catherine in their journey to fulfill their destiny. All the artwork is by Sandy Chandler Shelton. All the poetry is by Pat Leslie."


(The Price of Happiness) - the artwork that accompanied this poem is in the gallery below
I feel a pain
Deep in my heart.
An emptiness inside
Threatens to engulf me.
I feel I must confide
That I don't know
What future waits.
I feel so deep a loss.
I know there is
Much more to life,
And I must pay the cost.

1995 Adult Calendar "Chamber Music"

"Chamber Music" is archived here. Poetry by Pat Leslie. Art by Sandy C.Shelton.

"A tender touch,
A wistful smile,
A gentle sigh
Could go a mile
To tempt him
To put text aside.
A love song
Cannot be denied.
For some things are
Just meant to be,
Like harmony
From you and me."

1996 Calendar "Distant Shore"

"Distant Shore" is archived here.

Poetry by Pat Leslie. Art by Sandy C. Shelton.

For the information about the print edition see A Distant Shore (Beauty and the Beast calendar).

1996 Adult Calendar "Wave Of Passion"

"Wave Of Passion" is archived here

Poetry by Pat Leslie. Art by Sandy C.Shelton. For information about the print version of the calendar see Wave Of Passion.

1997 Calendar "Toward Love" (offline)

1998 Calendar "Where Dreams Are Made"

"Where Dreams Are Made" is archived here.

Poetry by Pat Leslie. Art by Sandy C.Shelton.

1999 Calendar "Where The Heart Is"

"Where The Heart Is" is archived here. Poetry by Marcus Holt, Amy Shelton and Sandy Shelton.

By Marcus Holt
In your heart there is such a place
So good, so warm, so kind, so safe.
A place to dream of life so sweet.
Where pain and sorrow are not to meet.
Open your heart and you will find
The love that you were meant to know.
This is our place and now is the time
But only if you wish it to be so.
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