Terra-Vulcan Yearbook

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Title: Terra-Vulcan Yearbook
Publisher: the fan club "Terra Vulcan"
Editor(s): Debra McWilliams & Jeannie Peacock
Date(s): 1972-1975
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Terra-Vulcan Yearbook was the official publication of the Terra Vulcan Star Trek TOS club "for Vulcans living on Earth". It ran for four issues. It contained little fiction other than a Kraith short story. Its focus was on art, music, poems and articles celebrating both Ancient Vulcan and modern Vulcan culture.


cover of 1972 issue, J. Reid

Terra-Vulcan Yearbook 1972 contains 19 pages and has a front cover by J. Reid and interior illos by M.E. Rabogliatti.

  • Vulcan by Jeannie C. Peacock
  • Mythology by Mary Ellen Rabogliatti
  • Reaching (music) by Becca Oroukin
  • Vulcan Symbolic Alphabet by Jeannie C. Peacock


cover of 1973 issue, N. Gervais
TOC of issue 1973

Terra-Vulcan Yearbook 1973 contains 28 pages and has a cover by Nancy Gervais.

  • Letter from Our President
  • Zyeto by J. Lichtenberg
  • Raffle News (8)
  • New Activities (9)
  • Poet Awards (10)
  • Pen Pal Lists (11)
  • Poetry Pages (14)
  • Vulcan Words (19)
  • Symbolic Flags of Vulcan (20)
  • Vial [Vital?] by J. Peacock (21)
  • Ads (28)


cover of 1974 issue

Terra-Vulcan Yearbook 1974 contains 27 pages.


cover of 1975 issue, M. Decker

Terra-Vulcan Yearbook 1975 has a front cover by M. Decker and interior illos by Adria, D. McWilliams and M. Peacock.

  • Child of the Stars by D. McWilliams ,
  • Homecoming by "Adria"
  • Vulcan Thoughts" by J. Wright
  • Untitled by "Alma Linda"