Television Without Pity

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Name: Television Without Pity
Dates: ?-2014
Type: Commercial
Fandom: multifandom
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Website once known as Mighty Big TV, Television Without Pity established itself as a place to get accurate, cynical, often hilarious recaps of episodes, generally within a day of airing. The forums of TWoP are extremely active, often slash-friendly, and sometimes can contain fanfiction recommendations. Some terms originating on TWoP are used within LiveJournal fandom as well (e.g., hoyay).

In 2014, the owners of TWOP announced they were shutting down the websites and forums. After a few fans objected, they agreed to keep the episode reviews online in archive mode. The forums, however, hundreds of thousands of fan discussions,ere to be deleted. Due to the interactive nature of most forums, these discussions were not archived in the Internet Archive. However, fan volunteers manually archived the fan fiction discussions from the Supernatural forums: "The Supernatural Fan Fiction Thread: Nightmare Fodder." The first page can be accessed here and all 229 pages are available in the WayBack Machine.