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See also Star (disambiguation).

Name: Stars
Alias(es): simplystars
Type: Fan writer
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica, due South, Farscape, Hard Core Logo, Queer as Folk (US), Slings & Arrows, The Sentinel, Torchwood, Wilby Wonderful
URL: Star's fic
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Stars has been a writer in the due South fandom since 2007. She writes mostly gen, Fraser/Kowalski, and Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio and writes Dief and Turtle viewpoints as well.

Writing style

In ds_profiles, akamine_chan says about Star's due South writing:

" Stars is a unique writer in that she can easily adapt between extremes. She can write absolutely heartbreaking angst as well as hysterically funny stories that are believably canon. Her snippet sized stories often pack an emotional wallop and her longer pieces are perfectly paced and pitched. She likes the remix format, taking the original author's story and spinning it carefully to make something as good or even better than the original. Her storytelling skill is excellent and she has an uncanny ability to get into the heads of her characters and give them voices. She often takes risks with her stories by writing gen, or death fic, or zombie apocalypses and it always pays off in the best ways." [1]

Notable Works

due South

  • I Am a Man Upon the Land (Fraser/Kowalski, 13,000 words, PG13) written for ds_match 2009. This is a fairy tale, and Stars does a wonderful job building the story slowly, carefully, picking out a gentle pace and sticking to it. She uses such a deft hand, a sense of timeless lyricism tempered with a hint of discord as Fraser and Ray struggle to understand what it is they mean to each other.
  • Freaks & Geeks (To Say Nothing of the Goat) (Fraser/Kowalski, 5,800 words, NC17) This story is really about the sheer unadulterated wackiness that is canon in due South. Fraser's in Canada, Ray's in Chicago, and nothing is as it should be. Until it is.
  • About a Girl (Thatcher, 2,900 words, G) An absolutely lovely character study of Inspector Meg Thatcher - not the shrewishly drawn caricature we saw on the show - but the intelligent, talented woman we knew had to exist between the lines of canon. Here is a Meg Thatcher well worth knowing, and loving, from precocious girl to commanding woman.


  1. akamine_chan, due South Author Profile: simplystars posted on10 February 2010 (Accessed 8 March 2010)
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