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Synonyms: (n., v.) Antonym of kink.
See also: Kink, Squee, Bulletproof Kink
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Squick is a term commonly used in discussion about fanfiction and represents anything that is a deep-seated, visceral turn-off for the reader.

The term was coined on the Usenet group alt.sex.bondage before 1995." [1] It is difficult to know when it attained enough popular use to be reconized in larger fandom spaces, but a fan in 1999 employed it in her comments regarding The Foresmutters Project. [2]

Squicks may be shared by many readers or be specific to one; one person's kink may be another person's squick. It is more frequently used when discussing sexually explicit fiction.

For example, some readers may have an embarrassment squick, and do not enjoy reading stories where a character is embarrassed or in an awkward situation. To quote User:Vee,
Among my kind, "watch from the hall" is what we call the embarrassment squick, because it's so bothersome you can't even watch it through your fingers and have to leave the room when it's happening.
Although squick in its original use conveys an intensely adverse reaction, through fannish drift its meaning has been diluted so that today it may also be used to mean "stuff I don't want to write, read, or receive in a gift exchange."


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