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Name: Springhole.net
Owner/Maintainer: Syera Miktayee
Dates: 2002-present
Type: Writing resource
Fandom: None/Generic/Multi-fandom
URL: http://springhole.net/index.html
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Springhole.net is a website with various articles, quizzes, and random generators aimed to help fiction writers and roleplayers improve their writing. Many of the these are fandom-related, such as "How To Be A Good Anti-Fan: How to hate something and not be a revolting person", "The Avengers/Marvel Cinematic Universe OC Originality Test", "Loki Plot Idea Generator", "Tips For Making Better Sailor Moon OCs", "Tips For Writing Fanfiction With An OC Protagonist", "Curatorial Fans, Transformative Fans, & How Both Can Be Obnoxious", etc. The site also hosts a "Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test" applicable to original fiction characters or fandom OCs.

The owner/operator of Springhole.net is Syera Miktayee[1][2]. Syera originally created the site in 2002, "though it was a lot different then [and only] started toward its modern form (random generators, articles, etc.) in early 2005." The site name was inspired by "a geological feature... where water springs up from an underground source."[3]


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