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Name: Slash Fan Fiction on the Net
Dates: 1996-1999
Type: fanlisting and meta
Fandom: multifandom
URL: Slash Fan Fiction on the Net (Wayback)
Slash Fan Fiction on the Net.png
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In the late 90's, search engines were not that impressive. A lot of fans would never have found their fix without Karen Nicholas's frequently updated Fan Fiction on the Net and Slash Fan Fiction on the Net pages. She started the original page on June 18, 1996. By March 1999, one of the pages had over 3 million hits.

Her pages (one page, initially, 20-30 pages by the time she was exhausted and quit) were a combination of Metafandom and fandom newsletters -- they tried to include every fannish link that existed: amazingly thorough one-stop shopping for slash on the net. She included sections on meta (simply called Articles), links to mailing lists, to slash art pages, to review and rec pages, awards pages, convention listings, webrings (wow, we used to spend a lot of time setting up webrings!) and other fans' link pages (all pale shadows of hers). The only section it didn't have was for songtapes (as they were called then); they didn't exist on the web then, and even discussions of where you might be able to order a tape for sale was kept quiet.

Here's a 1998 page from the Wayback machine when the slash section alone had just expanded to three pages. The site was a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring.

As with most fan sites, initially it was updated frequently. Then less so. (Though unlike most pages, she consistently listed when the page had last changed, and her best guess for the next update.) By late 1999, the job had simply become too big. Also, search engines were getting better, and the need for one big link site had grown less. She never took the page down, it just sat with this message, "This page was last updated August 30, 1999. Next update will be September 29, 1999" for years afterwards, taunting us all.

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