Ship War

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Synonyms: shipwar, shipping war
See also: shipping, OTP
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(n.) A heated disagreement between two or more groups of shippers. Unlike your garden variety of wank, ship wars span a long time (often years) and involve many people in their fandom. Symptoms of a ship war include:

  • rants, both of the "we're obviously right" and "why can't we all write our porn and get along" kinds
  • long-winded essays trying to prove canonicity or superiority of the preferred ship (sometimes going overboard and claiming every scene with one or both of the characters as proof, in a very convoluted, Dan Brown fashion) or pointing the flaws in similar essays by rival shippers
  • a refusal to quiet down till well after the canon is closed

Ship wars often aggravate other fannish behavior such as flames ("if you like X/Y, you're Z!") and character bashing.



The TV Tropes article on Ship to Ship Combat provides many more examples.