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Author(s): derryere
Date(s): 15 February 2009
Length: 16,000 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin RPF

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RPS DOESN'T GET TO HAVE A TITLE is a Bradley/Colin story by derryere (~16,000 words). It was one of the first longer Bradley/Colin stories and soon became one of the most recommended B/C fics.

Summary: HA HA HA you expect so much of me. BUT OK. Behold my RPF, in which Bradley thinks people should call him to hang out and do stuff.

As with many of derryere's works the title doesn't even hint at the intensity and quality of the story. This one is a first time fic with denial, angst and a satisfying happy end.

Recs and Reviews

  • "This is so LONG and good and thought-out and you can really see it happening. She's got all the actors down and augh I just can't get over how amazing this fic is."[1]
  • "this is amazing. this is it. the story i've been waiting for. god, i feel for bradley, in all his confused and confusing not-knowing-ness. the last part, after they've finally figured themselves out, is so happy-making. just...guh."[2]
  • "Your Bradley just fits. You nailed his public image, but even his inner monologue seems like a logical extension of what I know of him so far. And your Colin. I know even less about him as a person, but I love the persona you've crafted here - reserved but not passive, earnest to a fault, slightly devious. More than this, though, you are just a DAMN GOOD writer. The flow, the details, the imagery. In parts of this, I could feel the aching in such a raw, unsentimental way, and I loved that."[3]
  • "I wish she weren't so throw-away about it in the title, because it is not a throw-away fic!"[4]
  • "I came so close to skipping. Had I done so, I would've maybe gotten something done yesterday instead of flailing so hard over one of the best stories I've read, in any fandom. She's made me fall in love with these boys in a whole new way."[5]
  • "Very rarely does RPS pack the same emotional wallop for me as fandom fic, but OMG, THESE BOYS. The whole thing is fantastic, but the moment where Colin told Bradley to stop shaking was like a sledgehammer to my heart! And I'm pretty sure the sex fried my brain. But in a good way."[6]
  • "I do feel guilty about my love of RPS in the Merlin fandom but WHAT CAN YOU DO? This is a lovely schmoopy one too, full of fumbles and near misses and lovely."[7]
  • "More like, behold the Bradley/Colin RPF of all Bradley/Colin RPFs. This was the first long B/C fic to surface in the community. Laying the foundations of Merlin RPF slash all around the world. Bringing us time-worn classics like Pining!Bradley, prank wars, and the Team Awesome of Angel and Katie."[8]


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